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Top 10 Ways Steve Jobs Changed The World

Science and technology were quite distant from the consumer before Steve Jobs came into play. The guy co-founded Apple Inc. and brought more than just a name to the table. Apple has been able to change the direction of world more than once. He truly brought the technology to the doorstep of people and his

Late Steve Jobs’ Venus Yacht Finally Launched

After plenty of buzz over the internet, The stunning yacht of late Steve Jobs has finally made its first appearance at Aalsmeer, Netherlands. The yacht has been given the name of “Venus” and its named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty. Venus is beautifully designed and made from aluminium body. The yacht has been

Apple iCar – A Dream Left Incomplete By Steve Jobs

No one ever wondered that a truly remarkable electronic company like “Apple” would ever think of manufacturing a car! But Apple’s former CEO (Steve Jobs) who was indeed a legend, thought of building one at his time. It was his dream to build such a car that could be called “iCar” and carry an Apple logo

Inside The Apple Headquarters

It has been more or less a dream to watch the Apple Headquarters internally. What we thought was that it was not less than one of the most hidden cool places of the planet, as the Apple did make it secret from all tech industry, so we were always enthusiastic to watch what is inside this heaven

Best Tech Moments of 2011

Whatever state the economy maybe in, it has never impeded technology in its efforts (atleast significantly). 2011 was also no different; from the launch of iPhone 4s to Google+, this year proved to be one great year for the techies. Today we present a list of some of the best technical moments of 2011. No

Rare Glass With Iconic Steve Jobs Apple Logo Offered For iPhone 4

The rare glass offered for replacement for iPhone 4 now has the iconic Steve Jobs Apple tribute logo on it. It is the same logo that became a viral sensation on October the 5th. It’s an awesome iPhone modification that I foresee as a big hit. The entire replacement glass back cover has been listed

Steve Jobs Had His Trust And Faith In Tim Cook

The relationship between the Apple Co founder and his successor has been unveiled in one of the excerpts leaked online of Steve Jobs’ upcoming biography. Tim Cook joined Apple in the year 1998; he quickly earned the trust of Jobs by delivering on every task assigned. Cook said in an interview, “My intuition told me

Steve Jobs’ Last Words Of Advice To Larry Page

Steve Jobs’ hatred for Android is no secret. The Apple co-founder told biographer Walter Isaacson that he’d spend his last dying breath trying to correct what he considered to be a huge theft of Apple’s iOS by Google. However, Jobs level of abhorrence came down a little as Larry Page became Google’s CEO. Page wrote

Three Inspirational Quotes By Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is the person who brought personal computers to our tables and the Internet in our pockets. Here, three quotes by Steve Job have been chosen, which are worth keeping at the back of your mind to make a difference. Each of these quotes reflects the great man’s personality. The first quote: We’re here

Steve Jobs’ Final Project: iPhone 5

According to an analyst, the last project of Steve Jobs was not the iPhone 4S, it was actually the iPhone 5. Ashok Kumar, an analyst at Rodman & Renshaw, wrote in a research note, “the next-generation iPhone was the last project that Steve Jobs was intimately involved with from concept to final design. For that