Ways To Improve Your Diesel Truck’s Fuel Economy

Trucker driving down the highway

It’s no secret that one of the biggest challenges facing American drivers is gas prices. High gas prices especially hurt owners of diesel trucks that prioritize capability over fuel efficiency. If you’ve been feeling the pain at the gas pumps, here are some ways to improve your diesel truck’s fuel economy.

Get It Serviced

It’s a basic fact that your diesel truck will run as efficiently as possible when it’s operating at peak functionality. Get your diesel truck serviced regularly, and make sure that includes all maintenance services from an oil change to tire rotations.

When you’re getting an oil change, consider using synthetic oil. It may cost a little bit more when you change it, but studies have shown diesel trucks get better fuel mileage with synthetic oil and could end up saving you money at the pump in the long run.

Upgrade It

Drivers can make various improvements and modifications to diesel trucks to better their fuel economy. It’s one of the reasons to upgrade your diesel truck’s air intake system, and it’s also why you should consider getting new tires.

Tires may be a costly expense at first, but it’s one of the best ways to improve your diesel truck’s fuel economy. It may cost you in the short term, but over the tire’s lifespan, it’ll mean fewer trips to the gas station. Trucks operate more efficiently when they’re running on finely made tires instead of worn ones that have seen a few too many miles.

Use the Cruise

Cruise control is an excellent way to get your car humming at its most efficient pace when you’re on flat terrain. On the highway, cruise control keeps you from constantly accelerating and decelerating, which means revving the engine and burning more fuel than you need. Find the correct RPM for your diesel truck, put it on cruise control, and let the truck do the work for you.

Drive Smooth

Speaking of acceleration and deceleration, it starts with you if you want to get your truck to drive more efficiently. That means no revving your engine or rapid accelerations while driving around town. Keep things smooth at an even keel; it’ll keep your diesel truck from burning more fuel and make for a more relaxing drive for you.

Travel Light

We understand a diesel truck is like a second office or storage unit for many drivers, carrying many of the tools and equipment they need for work. It may be convenient, but that extra weight makes your truck work harder and burn more gas. Clean out your truck of nonessential items and try to keep it as light as you can.

Diesel trucks may not be designed or used for fuel efficiency, but there are still some things truck owners can do to lessen the pain at the gas pumps. Keep reading Reality Pod for more automotive tips like how to maintain your car’s paint job!

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