How to Protect Your Business from Both Offline and Online Threats

Unfortunately, in this day and age, all businesses everywhere generate a level of unwanted attention, and being able to keep this level under control and not allowing it to escalate is something of a fine line, especially if you are a target for bored youths or you deal with sensitive information which is highly desirable on the black market.

However, these are not the only circumstances in which your business could be enduring unwanted attention, and indeed all businesses everywhere do require a high level of caution, especially when considering their online security and the threats that are commonplace to all internet users everywhere.

Physical boundaries

Although open-plan sites do look good to the eye and create a good first impression, they can also look appealing to those that are wanting to perform criminal damage, whether it is due to a personal vendetta, boredom, or a dare.

One way of stopping your business from looking quite so open and welcoming to these people is to have a physical boundary set up, such as a fence or wall.

Sonic noise protection

You may wish to invest in a sonic noise protection device to deter unwelcome visitors to your business site or those that wish to hang around in gangs after dark or when your business is closed for the evening.

These devices are set at a noise level that only individuals of a certain age group can hear; although it will not harm them in any way, it will make them feel uncomfortable and will stop them from loitering either on your site or around the boundaries of it.

Educate employees

Not all attention is physical; you will also have to protect your business against online threats. To do this, you will have to provide your employees with some security awareness training so that they know what to expect and how to act should they become a victim or target of cybercriminals.

The actions of cybercriminals are always changing as they are constantly looking for new ways to gain access to the information that they desire, so it is vitally important for the safety of your business that you keep on top of this. To find out more about security awareness training click here.

Provide personal ID tags

Unfortunately, a lot of crime within the workplace is caused and carried out by those that work within the facility. Providing personal ID tags such as a lanyard, for instance, will not only provide identification of the person wearing it but can also assist your employees when it comes to keeping a check on their colleagues.

Seeing someone wandering around without a lanyard will immediately prove to those looking that this person should not be where they are, and should you choose to color code your lanyards, even those that have a lanyard but are in restricted areas will draw attention to themselves should their lanyard either have the wrong color ribbon or the wrong color ID card, depending on your choice of design.

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