5 Bucket List Items To Do With Your Jeep This Year

Green Jeep on a dirt road

Owning a Jeep comes with more than unique modifications. Take a look at these five bucket list items to do with your Jeep this year that you don’t want to miss!

The off-road lifestyle and Jeep community offer every fan and owner unique opportunities to socialize and explore. While many customize their way to happiness with their Jeep, there are other ways to have fun with it. Across the country there are things for Jeepies to participate in that rely on the vehicle’s most unique functions and bring it to its full usage potential.

Here are five bucket list items to do with your Jeep this year that will create countless memories and new traditions.

Visit the Experience Museum

First, it’s important to note that the museum is under construction, and you cannot make your plans just yet. The museum and all its events will reside in Toledo, Ohio, the home of the current Jeep production line.

The history of the iconic vehicle and fascinating restoration projects plan to be on display and can teach many modern-day Jeep lovers a few things about where their beloved SUV started. Additionally, there will be events and on-site attractions that provide interaction.

Attend a Jamboree

If you can’t wait for the museum to cut the ribbon, you can get your start with a Jeep Jamboree. There are roughly 30 different events held in America throughout each year. This makes an excellent opportunity for owners, enthusiasts, and hobbyists to come together and interact with like-minded individuals.

You can share common knowledge, restoration plans, or just random Jeep intellect. Jamborees have been in circulation since the days of Mark Smith and have established themselves as a notable feature in the Jeep community.

Drive Cross Country

A neat feature the country has to offer is traveling from coast to coast with pit stops along the way. It’s a truly remarkable experience to travel with your top-down and enjoy the many landscapes, treasures, and sights the country has to offer.

This is also an excellent opportunity to take a passenger along or go at it alone and enjoy the peace. And let’s not forget the countless memories you’ll make. With the Jeep brand’s popularity, your vehicle’s logo is sure to gain attention from all passer-byers, so consider a thorough wash beforehand.

Moab, Utah

An opportunity to lower your tire pressure and roll across the rock sits in Moab, Utah. This location is an off-roader dream because of the altering terrain and drastic drop-offs. The beautiful landscapes help, too.

Moab offers some of the most challenging terrain dynamics and gives Jeepies the chance to experience what the original military-style Jeeps dealt with. This location is a great stop while traveling across the country and offers beautiful weather throughout the year.

Join a Club

An excellent bucket list item to do with your Jeep this year is to join a club. It’s an excellent source of inspiration, travel ideas, and group excursions. Much like all the other social events and off-road adventures, you can connect with like-minded people and explore all Jeep has to offer.

Rather than trying to scrounge up ideas and things to do with your vehicle, a club can help you stay organized and make you feel a part of something bigger.

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