Why You Should Invest in Refurbished Tech

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Shopping Secondhand Electronics and Refurbished Tech

Did you know that the world produces up to 50 million tonnes of electronic waste (e-waste) a year, according to the UN? Unlike general waste, e-waste produces toxic, radioactive, and harmful residue. Although getting your hands on the latest programs and gadgets offers numerous advantages, so does shopping secondhand. Here are four reasons why you should invest in refurbished tech.

Reduces Environmental Footprint

As mentioned above, e-waste creates a huge negative environmental impact, from releasing contaminants to taking over a million years to decompose fully. Investing in refurbished tech gives used electronics a second life, maximizing their use and materials and preventing e-waste buildup a little longer.

On top of reducing waste, using refurbished tech also reduces carbon emissions and other negative environmental effects stemming from the production of electronics. Between mining the metals, creating the plastic, the transportation, and the manufacturing, producing technology uses up a large amount of energy and releases lots of carbon emissions. Investing in secondhand electronics reduces the demand and need for new products, decreasing the tech industry’s carbon footprint.

Like-New Conditions and Warranty

There are many reasons why a computer, phone, or gaming device ends up in the workshop. Anything refurbished has undergone repairs and upgrades that enhance the product’s functionality and transform them into like-new commodities. Sticky buttons, cracked screens, lagging mousepad tracking, and faulty USB ports can get replaced in refurbishing. Once the geek squad replaces parts and fixes any other technical or physical issues, the tech comes back to life and in mint condition.

The bonus with repaired products is that they often come paired with a warranty. Warranties allow you free support on any future issues (for X amount of years). The pairing of warranties on your refurbished gadgets saves you money on extra costs from purchasing additional warranties and potential future repairs.

Saves Money

Most secondhand gadgets still function and sometimes are still in their prime with a long life ahead of them. Used electronics often end up back on the market because their previous owners wanted to upgrade their tech and not because the old computers or phones no longer operate. Refurbished tech is often older models accessorized with newer components that the tech may not have included previously or that were damaged.

With the constant upgrades and added features of new gadgets, older versions of the latest electronics get pushed out of the limelight. Although they lose their title of the best and latest tech that all must try, their “yesterday” status reduces their price. Shopping for secondhand tech saves you money.

Increases Accessibility to Top Brands

The discounted rates on secondhand gear don’t just pertain to general tech. They also apply to top brands. From Apple to Sony and Nintendo, all parts of the tech industry feature luxury or popular brands that set and go beyond their market standards.

There are many ways to get the best deals on yesterday’s Mac or the latest product from any luxury or popular brand. Shopping for refurbished and used technology can provide you with top-quality tech while saving you a considerable amount of money. Waiting a year from the initial release or looking out for used products gives you the best chances of discounted deals and great steals in the tech market.

Perhaps you’re considering a new or refurbished cell phone booster. Or maybe you’re looking for a computer, gaming device, or phone. No matter the gadget, there are many positive reasons why you should invest in refurbished tech. When you buy secondhand and renewed products, you save money, the environment, and the sustainability of the tech industry.

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