Grab Some Rest – Unless You have a Fear of Heights: Chair Hanged 110 meters Above Ground.

If you are a buccaneer this is your chance to exploit this crazy design. Grab this seat and view spectacular panoramas you always wanted to see from an angle that the normal topography doesn’t offer. Dallin Smith, a designer from Provo, Utah, designed a rope chair and attached it midway on a steep rocky cliff at Rock Canyon, the chairs hangs hundreds of feet above ground.

Initially the design was not intended to hang off of cliffs; it was a lounge chair somewhat different than usual lounge chairs. The material indicates the authenticity of the design to some extent. The industrial designer who also happens to be a fervent climber made use of the climbing rope lying around in his studios and house to create something different. It turns out that he is quite successful in achieving that goal. The local climbers and of course the critics don’t seem much happy with the crazy innovation but the landscape romantics would find it hard to resist.




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