Top Moving Checklist & Moving Apps To Help Your Move Not Suck

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Moving Tips and Apps To Help Your Next Move Suck Less

Moving can be a stressful and overwhelming undertaking that anyone can do in life. With all the planning, packing, unpacking, and many more, you probably need some help to keep yourself sane throughout the process. Thankfully, with the availability of some technological advancements these days, relocating doesn’t need to suck from start to finish. Along with some essential moving tips, you can make this process a breeze. 

If you’re moving anytime soon, continue reading this article to learn the technological advances that can help you go through this transition with ease. 

Online Tools And Templates For Creating A Moving Checklist 

When moving, it’s important to have a checklist in place to make sure you get the tasks done right on time. Your moving checklist will serve as your guide as to the specific jobs that need to be completed before the relocation day arrives. Luckily, with the help of some tools and templates found online, you can create a checklist with ease.

Instead of writing down everything in your notebook, all you have to do is download the template or access the tool and you can start filling in the sections with the necessary information. This is indeed a very convenient way of coming up with a checklist for your relocation. Not only that but you’ll also be able to save time and effort when you decide to use these advancements for the process. 

Websites For Finding Movers

If you decide to seek professional help, then you’ll probably have to find experienced long distance movers who can take care of the logistics of your relocation. Thanks to the increasing use of websites because most moving service providers have become more visible in the market.

Before hiring a moving company can be a bit challenging because the communication should be done in-person and if not, through calls and text messages. While these can be good communication channels, calling, texting, or visiting them in their office are time-consuming and a bit of a hassle. 

But with most companies setting up their own websites, getting information about the prospects you’re considering is much easier and faster. All you have to do is browse through their sites, read the “About Us” section along with the services offered and the client testimonials. If you have some queries,  you can ping a message using their chat box or send an email using the address they’ve provided on the site. 

Thus, if you’re in search of a moving company, the whole process doesn’t have to suck because of their websites wherein you can get to know them and reach out to them without hassle. 

Online Moving Calculator For Setting Up A Budget 

Well, when you’re moving to a new home, you need to have a budget to cover the financial aspect of the transition. Aside from the time and labor, you’ll be spending, you also have to shell out a considerable amount of money to pay for the movers, packing supplies, and other expenses associated with moving.

Fortunately, setting up a budget is made easier with the assistance of an online moving calculator. This app technology found virtually allows anyone who is relocating to know their potential moving costs. If you want it for you as well, then what you have to do is enter the details of your move, including the number of possessions you’re transporting and the tool will do the computation for you. Once you have the figures, then you can create your budget quickly. 

Apps For Organizing The Entire Move

If you want to successfully pull off a relocation, then you need to be organized from start to finish. And being organized means doing all the tasks thoroughly and without any hassle. In order to do this, the following applications can be used to make your next relocation not suck:

  • Move Advisor – If you need help in reminding you about your specific moving tasks, this app can be a great tool to use. With its unmatched functionality and easy-to-use features, you can keep track of your move seamlessly. 
  • Letgo – Moving is also about getting rid of the unnecessary items in your home. And if you’re looking for the best way to dispose of them, using this app can be a good idea. It’s a platform where you can sell your items at a reasonable price without going through the hassle of organizing a garage sale. Remember, decluttering can make the transition much smoother with a few boxes for transportation, thereby saving a lot of time and money in the long run. 
  • Sortly – While you can always work with a moving company in NYC or wherever you may be located to help you with packing, it’s still helpful if you have this app in place in case you want to be hands-on on this undertaking. This app technology allows you to create categories when packing as well as QR codes for labeling, which can go a long way in achieving an organized move for you and everyone involved. 

The Bottom Line

In today’s modern world, technology is available to make people’s lives easier and more comfortable. This also applies to the way people are moving. With the technological advancements mentioned above, executing a house move doesn’t need to be as tedious as it was before. 

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