Hands-Free Just Got Easier With This Surface-Gripping Phone Case ‘Extra Verso’

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Trying to use your phone to help you out will applying make-up or as a navigation while driving, can be quite tricky. But this wouldn’t be the case once you get a hold of this new case that could make doing things as such with your phone much easier, and safer. The new Extra Verso case not just offers style and protection for your phone, but also a cool new feature of allowing it to be fixated to any flat surface without having to leave any sticky residue behind. Coated with a resin that acts like thousands of tiny suction cups, you can go hands-free with your phone anywhere as it clings to smooth surfaces, like a gecko.

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ExtraVerso is the revolutionary smartphone case with an extraordinary grip,” the creators shared on their crowd-funding page on Kickstarter. “Stick it to any glassy surface – take a selfie, record a video, or follow your GPS hands-free.”

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The case comes in two parts: a cover and an optional bumper to protect your device. According to its makers, the Extra Verso can stay clung onto surfaces for hours, days and even months, without falling off. This is all owed to the coating on the back cover that is made up of an innovative material that sticks to flat or glassy surfaces (non-porous surfaces) such as glass, mirrors, tiles, computer screens, whiteboards, polished plastic and metal. Therefore it will not be able to stick to your hand or attract dust. This resin coat was inspired by a product used on sailing boats to provide grip.

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The Extra Verso case will come in handy in situation such as when you need to use your phone as a sat-nav and can simply stuck it to your car windscreen, when you want to use your phone as an impromptu mirror, and even for those moments when you want to take hands-free selfies. You won’t even have to work about your phone tumbling to the floor if it happens to be balanced precariously on a glass coffee table or kitchen work surface.

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Extra Verso cases are available for pre-order from Indiegogo for $30 (£20) and are available for the iPhone 5 and 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy S6.

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