Woman Quits Her Job To Pursue Her Love Of Paper Quilling Full Time

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We can never know what to expect when it comes onto art. The variation in pieces created by artist from all over the world will take you beyond with their forms, colors, perspective, and nowadays, their medium. Over the course of this transformation from just using the regular art mediums such as a canvas or a clay, to using waste deposits, fallen leaves from trees and even the very pencils that are used to draw.

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This Turkish woman took unexpectedness into more than just her artwork when she decided to leave the security of a salaried job to pursue her passion. Earlier this year, artist Sena Runa resigned from her job as an HR specialist to enjoy her art of paper quilling on a full time basis.

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She shares to other artist who are in the position that she once was, “everything you create could be art, so if you believe that you make beautiful things, then you’ll see that everyone will agree. I am new in the art career (I’ve been a full-time working artist for 7 months), sometimes I feel scared and sometimes I don’t. I just believe in what I do and I know I’ll continue to create in the future.”

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Quilling, also known as paper filigree, “is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs.” A common perspective of art during the Renaissance and 18th century, this type of artwork has received a resurgence in popularity.

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Some of the colorful paper quilling creations by Sena Runa includes, animals, flowers, instruments and other objects. Check out more of her work below.

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