8 DIY Projects That You Have To Try This Summer!

Summer is here and many of us are looking to soak up the heat. In addition to this, we are all looking to chill as much as we can. These easy DIY projects will definitely help to make your summer vacation awesome.


1. Floating Cooler

floating cooler 1

All you will need is a cheap plastic tub, a foam pool noodle, and some sting. Cut the noodle into four pieces and then put the string through the holes and tie them together.

floating cooler 2

Afterwards slip the rectangular noodle that was formed over the tub to create the floating cooler.

floating cooler 3


3. Solar Bottle Bulb

solar bottle bulb

A cool way to light up when going outdoor camping, all you will need to try this is a bottled liter of water, some bleach and the sun, check out how this is done by checking out this video.


4. PVC Water Gun

pvc water gun

pvc water gun 2

Using a PVC pipe and a couple of other items, you can make a cool water gun. Check out this link to learn how to make your own.


5. Sand Chair

sand chair 2

sand chair

Chill out on the beach on a sand chair that you can easily make using broomsticks and cloth. All the have to do is to make pockets at the edges of the cloth/towel and then insert the sticks into them.

sand chair 3


6. Floating Water Proof Speakers

waterproof speaker 2

With all the water that I know many of us will be splashing around in in this hot summer, we are going to need waterproof speakers. Check out this link to see the DIY tutorial for making your own floating, waterproof speakers.


7. Bouncing/ Unpoppable Bubbles

bouncing bubbles

To have bubbles actually bouncing off your hand without even popping all you will need to do is to gather distilled drinking water, liquid dish soap, glycerin, a sipping straw, and a clean glove/sock. Check out this link for more details on how to make these bubbles.


8. DIY Shirts

diy tshirt 1

Your style is definitely something that belongs to you and a perfect way to embrace this is by creating your own cool blouse/shirt with just a plain t-shirt and a pair of scissors. Check out this article by BuzzFeed that shows you tons of ideas on how you can create your own.



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