How to Make a Mac Backup Plan

With the advent of technology, we are storing a lot of data on computers. The data holds much significance and matters a lot. So we should backup our data in order to avoid any mishap. Backing the data is made easy by Apple’s Time Machine Technology which is inbuilt into Leopard and Snow Leopard.

But the question is which data should be backed up and which should not? The following list will help you in identifying the data that should be stored or backed up.

  • The personal data
  • Confidential data (Related to your job, etc.)
  • Music, bookmarks, contacts, calendar events, etc
  • Emails, applications, or documents that may be old but still significant

Now the next question is “How to back up the Data”. For this consider the any of the following options:

  • Writable optical media (Such as Blue ray disc)
  • A second hard drive with Mac
  • Two external hard drives with Mac
  • Time Capsule (In case you have more than one Mac to backup)
  • Home network server (In case you have more than one Mac at home, you can make one of them as server)
  • RAID arrays (Boxes that contain multiple hard discs with repeated data)
  • Online backup (e.g. drop box, iDisk)

Thus now when you know which data to back up, you can choose any way to backup the data depending upon its importance and save yourself from any unfavorable situation.

Below video will help you to back up a MAC by using Time Machine:


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