Grab Some Rest – Unless You have a Fear of Heights: Chair Hanged 110 meters Above Ground.

If you are a buccaneer this is your chance to exploit this crazy design. Grab this seat and view spectacular panoramas you always wanted to see from an angle that the normal topography doesn’t offer. Dallin Smith, a designer from Provo, Utah, designed a rope chair and attached it midway on a steep rocky cliff

Top 25 Crazy Old Inventions

We have revolutionized our livings and our standards to a great level through technology and innovation. Things adopted and created by scientists changed our lifestyles. Humans have always been ambitious in creating new things, we daily find hundreds of research work and inventions through out the world. Its the creativity in us gifted by God which doesnt let us

10 Most Crazy Car Mods

Creative minds can do wonders, but turning old cars into something unique or ‘modding’ them is surely no easy thing. Today we have a list of some of the most unique and crazy car mods out there. No 10. Stiletto Heel This High Heel Shoe Car was created by David Crow in Seattle. He used