10 Awesome New Inventions That You Will Never Hear About

We are accustomed to so many inventions nowadays that we take them for granted, ignoring the fact that these innovations started out as a drawing on a piece of paper.Here’s a fun fact, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office received 520,277 applications from inventors so far! What follows is the list of top 10 inventions that

Top 10 Accidental Inventions

Accidental inventions can really change the world. Look at Power puff girls for instance, they were created with the accidental addition of chemical X and they have changed the world! No, really, accidental inventions have changed the world. Working on something else, scientists have bumped into accidental discoveries that have changed the world and opened

Top 25 Crazy Old Inventions

We have revolutionized our livings and our standards to a great level through technology and innovation. Things adopted and created by scientists changed our lifestyles. Humans have always been ambitious in creating new things, we daily find hundreds of research work and inventions through out the world. Its the creativity in us gifted by God which doesnt let us

Top 10 Inventions In 2011

Before the 2011 leaves us and we step in a new year lets see what the last year gave us. Talking about the top 10 inventions that had been put in front of the world in 2011, of course they set to be an inspiration for the competing Engineering developers who tend to do even

Top Ten Modern Inventions of 21st Century

The World is progressing at a very fast pace. In every generation the technology upgrades with a multiple of ten.  We are still not confirm to say the exact pace of advancements. The technology we often used to see in movies and comics have become a reality now. The following quote seems justified for recent

Top 10 Inventions Of All Time

Few people would argue that building a better mousetrap would generate much excitement amongst consumers. But the designer of the mousetrap sure caused a stir. Here are some other more pertinent innovations.

10 Critical Engineering Solutions Required From Engineers Today.

Being an engineer is not easy these days. There is a demanding consumer industry which wants the best, and because of that, engineers today need to solve many problems for our future generation.  Recently, BusinessWeek asked several futurists, about the challenges that are critical to overcome. Today, RealityPOD has summarized their answers. These ideas will