10 Awesome New Inventions That You Will Never Hear About

We are accustomed to so many inventions nowadays that we take them for granted, ignoring the fact that these innovations started out as a drawing on a piece of paper.Here’s a fun fact, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office received 520,277 applications from inventors so far! What follows is the list of top 10 inventions that

Samsung Lawsuits Over 3G Patents Might Backfire

Amongst Samsungs latest moves to cease Apple’s free riding on its patented 3G wireless technology is a lawsuit seeking to ban Apple’s iPhones in the Netherlands, where an injunction barring Samsung from selling its Galaxy S-series devices in the European Union has been won by Apple. Last week, unnamed Samsung executives were quoted to have

HTC To Appeal Patent Infringement Ruling

According to BBC, Taiwanese mobile phone company HTC will appeal against a US ruling that it infringed two Apple patents. Apple had filed a complaint against HTC for infringing ten of their patents. However, the US trade commission has held HTC guilty of violating two Apple patents when it produced mobile phones based on the

ITC Rules HTC Violated Apple’s Two iPhone-related Patents

A preliminary ruling has been made by the U.S. International Trade Commission on Friday that HTC’s handsets illegally violated two patented inventions found in Apple’s iPhone. The initial decision came from a judge at the ITC, who established, according to reports, that HTC dishonored two of the 10 patents Apple had accused the company of

Samsung Sues Apple Over iPad, iPhone-related Patents

On Tursday, the war of words was escalated by Samsung against Apple with a formal lawsuit. The Delaware complaint followed just days after an ITC dispute and alleged that the iPad, iPhone, and iPod were copying “many of Samsung’s innovations.” The Korean company has already sued Apple outside of the US but principally avoided the

Apple Granted Patent For iPhone Display Surface

A patent has been granted to Apple for the laminated window assembly that it uses as the surface for its iPhone, iPad and iPod touch displays. The patent illustrates a process where the display layers are laminated together to minimize the chances of peeling apart if the device is dropped. Apple’s process also trims down

Next iPhone Could Find You A Lover Or A Friend

Apple is working on a new social experience for the iPhone that will allow irradiated, cycloptic mutants to find out what they have in common. This should work for everyone based on the actual wording of the patent, allowing you to use your iPhone to find the most interesting person in the room, every single

Apple Applies For Patent To Remotely Disable JailBroken iPhone

U.S Copyright Office had exempted jailbreaking iPhone from the Digital Millennium Copyright Act making it legal for users in the US to jailbreak their iPhone. At that time, we had mentioned that it wouldn’t stop Apple from making it difficult to jailbreak iOS to stay ahead in the cat and mouse with the iPhone hacking community.

Apple countersues Nokia over phone patents

Apple is suing cell phone maker Nokia for patent infringment, a countermove to Nokia‘s earlier suit against technologies used in Apple’s iPhone.