This Morgan Freeman Portrait Is Actually a Finger Painting Drawn On iPad

What’s unique about this portrait? Right! It’s a painting of Hollywood star Morgan Freeman. Oh wait! It’s a painting made on an iPad. 26-year-old artist Kyle Lambert has created a mind-boggling finger painting of Mr. Freeman. It’s hard to identify his piece if placed with the real photograph. It took him one month and 285,000 finger

Misulu C24 — The Ultimate Music Keyboard For iPad

If you are an iPad user who loves to play and create music, the new Misulu C24 keyboard is just right thing you want. Installing music gears to tablets has never resulted in the same quality of music you desire for, In fact its always been bit of a problem while playing with them.  The new

Philips HUE – Your New Colorful Bulb

Previously LIFX unveiled the concept of multi-coloured bulbs and these revolutionary light bulbs were controlled through smartphones. Now Philips has presented a similar product known as HUE. This smart bulb can let you control the colors, intensity, brightness and shade through an iPhone or an iPad. You can also  capture an image using your smart device and

iPad Mini Launched! Apple Expects 1.5 Million Units Sale Over Weekend

iPad mini sales open today at US (but just in black colour for now). Despite a couple of weeks behind schedule, Apple is expecting a big warm welcome for iPad mini in market. As per the statement of Gene Munster at Piper Jaffray, the expected sale figure would be around 1.5 million units for the new 7.85″ slate.

Futuristic Coffee Machine – Make Coffee Through iPhone

Scanomat TopBrewer is a next generation coffee maker. According to them “Less Is More”, following this theme, they built up a smart coffee machine which is as neat and decent as you would want it to be. Now if you are a coffee lover than i am sure this is a must have machine for

Chinese Teen Sold Kidney To Buy iPhone

What else could be more than that! A young boy aged 17 agreed to sell his kidney to five people including a surgeon, just for buying an iPhone and an iPad. It was reported that the surname of the young boy was Wang and he agreed to sell his kidney for buying these Apple products.

Watch How An iPad Gets Build

You might be crazy for Apple products and most of you would for sure have thought to find out how these gods of gadgets are made. We have seen different de-assemblies of various Apple products like iPhone, iPad, iMac but we haven’t got any chance ever to check how these products are actually made and from

Inside The Apple Headquarters

It has been more or less a dream to watch the Apple Headquarters internally. What we thought was that it was not less than one of the most hidden cool places of the planet, as the Apple did make it secret from all tech industry, so we were always enthusiastic to watch what is inside this heaven

Galileo Gives Your iPhone A New Sense

There have been many gadgets and accessories around in the market particularly circling Apple in which you will find a lot of useful, playful or even annoying gadgets as well. But some definitely deserve credit and they change up the experience of your iPhone with their integration. One of the new gadget we got to know

RC iNitro Speeder Turned To Be Apple Toy

If you are a toy geek and want to make up a good collection then this is something definitely for you. There are many RC cars out there in market but this particular Hot-Wheels iNitro speeder got the attention towards Apple family. Well if your are thinking that you might get your hands over this