Misulu C24 — The Ultimate Music Keyboard For iPad

If you are an iPad user who loves to play and create music, the new Misulu C24 keyboard is just right thing you want. Installing music gears to tablets has never resulted in the same quality of music you desire for, In fact its always been bit of a problem while playing with them.  The new

World’s First Transparent Rollable Keyboard

Check out Qii — World’s first transparent rollable keyboard! We have seen such type of keyboards in fiction movies and many of us dreamt to use such a keyboard with our desktop computers.Thankfully, its not a dream anymore. This futuristic keyboard has been designed and created by David Brown, Ilkka Varjos and Bjorn Fridur. The design and

The Wooden Keyboard You Just Don’t Want To Miss

Orée is one of the world’s leading designers, who this time have created a beautiful wooden wireless keyboard. The French firm has put in a lot of hard work in realizing this elegant beauty. The entire keyboard is made from wood and was hand-crafted in France. Walnut wood has been used in the making of this keyboard and

Gmail Tap — A Whole New Way Of Typing

Back in 1874 the QWERTY keyboard was designed and we are still using it. The style changed but idea remained same. But now Google thought out of the box by bringing a new typing era. According to them, when its up to normal keyboard typing than its good, but when the same QWERTY typing comes to

The Scrap Material Beetle

This could be the real use of scrap material and availability of such artistic characters should be focused on. Well yes the beetle you could see in the picture is entirely made up of scrap material containing keyboards, chips, CDs, speakers, beer cans, type-writer, cassette tapes, 60 motherboards, 800 drink lids, 200 bottle caps, 800 spark plugs

Top 10 Gaming Keyboards

1.Logitech G19 Keyboard The general consensus is that Logitech’s latest gaming keyboard, the G19, is better in nearly every way than the G15 it’s poised to replace. The most notable improvement of the G19 is the inclusion of a bright 320×240 tilting LCD screen. Users can view the time, resource load, VoIP communication data, and