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The Scrap Material Beetle

This could be the real use of scrap material and availability of such artistic characters should be focused on. Well yes the beetle you could see in the picture is entirely made up of scrap material containing keyboards, chips, CDs, speakers, beer cans, type-writer, cassette tapes, 60 motherboards, 800 drink lids, 200 bottle caps, 800 spark plugs and other common pieces of trash making a total of 2805 pieces.

The trash was collected from various sites as a part of Blue Campaign. Haribaabu Naatesan, a Mumbai Sculptor created this beetle in 16 days. He believes in giving second life to the scrap and making something out of it by changing its form but giving its value and admire.

The scrappy beetle is is being  displayed in Kala Ghoda arts festival and once its over it will be shifted to Germany where the beetle was actually first created.

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