Top 10 Things to Know About Car Maintenance

A car is anybody’s to own but knowing how it works and how to keep it in optimum condition is something entirely different and anyways, knowing about your car makes you impressive in your friends. Here are some basic car maintenance things that everybody ought to know.

No 10. Oil

You can locate the oil dipstick and oil cap under your hood and identify the desired oil type for your car. Oil not only lubricates and cools internal engine parts, it collects and traps dirt and contaminants from the combustion process, so it should be changed at regular intervals.

No 9. Air filter

Look under the hood for housing in which the filter sits and change if every 12,000 miles or 19,000 kms. A clogged filter restricts airflow, robbing horsepower and potentially fuel economy from your car. Air filter is usually fastened by metal clips or wing nuts under the hood. Do notice carefully its position before changing.

No 8. Brake fluid

You can find the brake fluid cap under your hood. Most brake fluid caps have a small dipstick that indicates the MIN and MAX amounts of fluid in the reservoir. Don’t ever let the level of brake fluid dip too low. You can preferably refer to your car’s manual on more specific information on the brake fluid used in your car.

No 7. Spark plugs

Ideally spark plugs should be changed every 30,000 miles or 48,000 kms. You can use your car’s manual to find the location of spark plugs. You should change one spark plug at a time with a spark plug socket and ratchet. You can also use an extender if needed. During replacement if you see one or more plugs not ‘blackened’ or covered with heavy deposits, it doesn’t need any changing.

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