99.99% Of Bacteria & Viruses In Boeing Lavatories Will Be Killed With This New Far UV Light Technology

Boeing-Self-Cleaning 1

Boeing is easing the minds of travelers that are unsettled about contaminated on bathrooms with their new self-cleaning lavatories. 99.99 percent of bacteria and viruses after every use is obliterated using a frequency of far UV light, something that could revolutionize airplane comfort.


The prototype of the self-cleaning lavatories first features touchless soap dispensers, faucets, trash flaps, and even toilet seats, causing there to be less pathogens on surfaces to begin with. In addition to this, far UV light fixtures will then flood every surface and kill harmful microbes after being used by a passenger. The Project Manager of Boeing Engineering, Teresa King, explains how far UV light is different than the harmful ultraviolet A and B lights that are used in tanning beds and makes a cleaner space.

“This sanitizing even eliminates odors from bacteria so that passengers can have a more pleasant experience,” she said.

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The bathing cleaning operates by automatically kicking into action once it sense that the passenger has left the space. Surfaces such as the toilet seat which lifts on it own, are all blasted with far UV light. The entire self-cleaning process takes about three seconds. This far UV light self-cleaning technology will be going up against other touch-free technologies for the lavatories to with the Crystal Cabin Award.

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