This Rocking Vest Could Protect Your Dog From Menacing Coyotes

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A line of protective vests for attempting to ward off coyotes has been launch by a California couple. Thanks to the spiky body armor of the vest, dog owners may have a chance of running to the rescue of their little pooch as it causes the predators to be hesitant and therefore providing time and an opportunity to intervene.

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Following the heartbreaking experience of losing one of their dogs to the attack of a coyote where it dragged him away while at the park, Paul and Pamela Mott created the CoyoteVest for the protection of the rest of their dogs. As a way of channeling their grief, they have created the vest for their remaining pets and hundreds of other pet owners have also reached out to purchase it in concern of keeping their pets safe.


The basic vest has a strip a twelve 1″ spikes around the collar and a swath of Kevlar to protect dog’s backs. An upgrade to the basic includes an extra 26 spikes along the back and a set of nylon bristles meant to poke the eyes and mouth of an offending predator. The final version of the CoyoteVest features an electric shock option that is controlled with a remote that should be kept by the dog owner when they are out with the dog wearing the vest. The electric pulses are transferred through metal fibers in the vest upon being pressed on the remote, offering an unpleasant surprise for anyone looking for an easy meal.

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While there is no guarantee that the vest will always work to keep pets safe, its intimidating look will most likely have predators like a coyote being inconvenienced for attacking. The makers of the CoyoteVest reinforce the importance of always being near your dog if in a place where coyotes may be lurking. The vest is meant to deter the predators, and also offer owners some time to intervene if an attack does occur. And, for anyone asking if the vests fit feline friends, the couple says that the product “does not discriminate” and that any companion animal who it fits can enjoy the freedom of protected play.

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