Top 10 Things to Know About Car Maintenance

No 2. Battery

Learn about the right battery type for your car through your car manual and locate the battery under your hood in case your battery dies. You can save money and time on this simple but important task by knowing how to replace the battery yourself. To change the battery you have to remove the battery cover and loosen the cables from the battery terminals. Then you can take out the old battery from its resting place and place the new one in. You should take special care in avoiding the acid leaks from the battery.

No 1. Headlights

Dim or dead headlights can be a real risk if not attended in due time. You can locate the socket of the headlight under the hood easily. Here, you should look for three separate wires coming out of the plug. Unfasten the plug and move the plug until the bulb can be pulled out freely. Now you can insert the new bulb in place of the older one. Refasten the bulb and you are good to go.

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