Google Patent To Bring Gesture Controlled Cars!

Surely, this is an era of technology; innovations surround you and amaze you with their extraordinary creativity. Now Google presents a car design that would allow you to control the vehicle by gestures. This design works by using a camera mounted in your car’s ceiling and a laser in your dashboard, allowing Google to read

Will your next car be foldable?

There is perpetual challenge for automobile engineers to produce automobiles that are efficient, eco-friendly and less space consuming at the same time. Japan, being one of the top ten populated countries of the world, has long been making efforts to reduce the footprint of commuter cars and is now known as the master of tiny

You are not hallucinating – this car runs upside down

Yeah that’s right. A car that runs upside down, or technically you may say “the car which is designed to run upside down.” The man behind this crazy idea is Jeff Bloch, a.k.a Speedycop who is a race car enthusiast and loves to create all sort of crazy contraptions. Oh and did we mention this

A Car Office for the Tech Savvy People

If you are tech geek and you want to have  mobile business station with you all the time then no doubt this car is made for YOU! A Mercedes benz S class car called Brabus iBusiness is loaded with bunch of iPads, iMacs and all the stuff Apple holds. This is an amazing car which is

A Car That Runs On Coke And Mentos

We have seen various crazy experiments all over but never seen any such a  spectacular experiment. Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz from Maine are actually two crazy scientists who made a car named Mark II which totally runs on coke and mentos. I am sure everybody would be familiar with the coke and mentos experiment! But

Lamborghini Putting The Wild Concept

Lamborghini has always been vigilant of what they have been producing and its a fact that when we talk about cars,we term Lamborghini as an extra ordinary elite brand of cars. So talking about the Lamborghini, Mr. Ferruccio Lamborghini was the founder of this car industry and on his name, the wildest and hottest cars of the universe came to

Lamborghini Aventador J

Aventador J by Lamborghini! Its an open street racing beast. Lamborghini produced only one car named Aventador J, so you might be lucky if you get any chance to drive it ever. The car is superb in style catching the eyes of people as well as heart of driver. The Lamborghini Aventador built in special

Its My Car!

A man build his own Lamborghini! The story is amazing to tell, a man having a deep interest and knowledge of cars comes out with the plan to build his own Lamborghini. Despite this is illegal but one must praise his talent and skills. He shaped the frame design himself and from very scratch started

Electric Super Car (Alpha-2)

e-wolf has produced a new electric super car. So this time its something new as we have seen previous cars on electricity but making out a super car on electricity seems something new and different for world. e-wolf named their new born super car as Alpha 2 which can boost up to 185 miles per

Top 10 Things to Know About Car Maintenance

A car is anybody’s to own but knowing how it works and how to keep it in optimum condition is something entirely different and anyways, knowing about your car makes you impressive in your friends. Here are some basic car maintenance things that everybody ought to know. No 10. Oil You can locate the oil dipstick and oil