Edo Wonderland- A Must Visit In Japan

When we talk about traveling to Japan, we usually think about the Sakura Trees ,robots, ramen and everything cool. But there’s this beautiful place in the country that lets you relieve the  Edo period or Tokugawa period (Japan between 1603- 1868). Located in Nikko – Tochigi Prefecture, Edo Wonderland is a must visit in Japan

Edible banana sculptures. Yeah, that’s actually a thing now.

Japanese Artist Keisuke Yamada has set a new record for sculpting figures from… bananas. Scoff if you like, but sculpting something as flimsy and delicate as a banana is not simple. Using only a spoon and some toothpicks, the artist transforms a banana into an art piece. His very first creation was a simple smiling face, but

Will your next car be foldable?

There is perpetual challenge for automobile engineers to produce automobiles that are efficient, eco-friendly and less space consuming at the same time. Japan, being one of the top ten populated countries of the world, has long been making efforts to reduce the footprint of commuter cars and is now known as the master of tiny

Now You Can Control The Digital World With A Real Time 3D Model

Thanks to new technology, we have reached a new era where you just can control digital models with the real time 3D models present in your hands! An outstanding demonstration of the same was done by researchers at the University of Tsukuba and the University of Electro communications in Japan. The mind boggling technology is named

Amazing Porcelain Skull Art

Katsuyo Aoki, a Japanese artist has stunned us with her creative artwork. Skull, a symbol of danger has been turned into a symbol of art, love and traditions by Aoki. Her art is different from other art around because of the unique rococo style. The swooping lacing patterns and tendrils add more elegance to her art. The Tokyo artist

A Week of Groceries In Different Countries [Pictures]

People of every society have their own distinct lifestyles and eating habits. Its a well known facts that people from western world consume 2 to 3 times more food per capita than people from eastern countries. This can be attributed to different cultures, income levels and difference in prosperity of the countries. Peter Menzel came

The Coolest Robot Ever Made – KURATAS

Whoa! the wait for a real time, Real Steel in real life is over. Now you can get your own 13 feet high fully functional super robot for just $1.35 Million. A Japanese company “Suidobashi Heavy Industry” has officially announced their amazing boardable mecha, the KURATAS. KURATAS is a 4,500 kilogram heavy robot which can scare

Japanese Company To Build an Elevator From Earth to Space

Imagine stepping into an elevator, pressing the “Space” button and sometime later, floating in space!!. How cool will that be? This might sound madness now but glad fully, one Japanese company is ready to put money on this idea. This capability of providing a direct lift to space will open new avenues of research for

Robotic Pet Fish Available For Your Aquarium Now

Okay now anyone who has ever owned an aquarium full of fishes knows the difficulty in maintenance of pets and their habitat. Apparently it looks simple, but believe me it becomes quite hectic when you start taking care of your pet fish and their needs. To overcome such problems in these days of advanced robotics, Takara Tomy

In Future Batteries Could Be Powered By Sugar

Yes its true that in future we may see batteries being powered by sugar. We all know that the use of Lithium is now at a very wide scale since they are now used as a medication to battle bi-polar disorder and also to power laptops and phones batteries. So that creates a high demand of Lithium