Edo Wonderland- A Must Visit In Japan

When we talk about traveling to Japan, we usually think about the Sakura Trees ,robots, ramen and everything cool. But there’s this beautiful place in the country that lets you relieve the  Edo period or Tokugawa period (Japan between 1603- 1868).

Located in Nikko – Tochigi Prefecture, Edo Wonderland is a must visit in Japan . This especially to those who love to experience the Old Japanese society.


Edo Wonderland Entrance

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Dress up as a Geisha, Ninja, Samurai warrior or any Edo character of your choice while trying to explore the village.

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The place is packed with different activities and breath taking views that will fill your instagram stories with amazing pictures.


An Amazing View Inside The Village

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From dining to theater performances, shopping, playing games , you and your family and friends will surely have fun.

One Of The Amazing Theatre Performances


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Food From the Edo Period That One Can Try

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The Ninja Performance is such breath taking that will let you see cool fight scenes of Ninjas on stage that at the end of it , you’ll surely think of changing your careers.


A Ninja Sighting In The Village

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Have you also ever wondered how their house looks like? I’ll tell you it is sick.

Well probably, that will be the most unique house that you’ll ever visit. Going inside the house is already an adventure and going out is absolutely fun.


And wait, you probably have heard about Geishas right? But have you ever seen one?

Yes , You can actually see a legit Geisha in that village. And Oh Yes, she is mesmerizing.

The way she talks and acts will sure take you breathe away.


There are other performances that are also equally amazing such as the Mizugei – Za which is a water illusion and you and your kids will sure love the Nan – Myage Theater performance.


While waiting for the theater performances , you can see different Edo characters on the streets living like it’s actually the Edo era. Well it will probably confuse you on the time that you’re living in or whether or not you’ve accidentally taken the time machine.


Hungry? Grab a bite from the stores with Edo Delicacies . Yabu Soba, Tori Soba -Ya and Yama Kujira are a must try!


There are also a lot of souvenir shops in the village that sells very unique items such as samurai keychains, ref magnets, samurai swords, dolls and other japanese items. Your friends will surely love those !


The activities close with an Oiran Courtesan Procession where you can see the the characters parade through the streets.

Watch out for their facial expressions, their poise, their colorful costumes and the way the Geisha’s walk , they’re very unique that we recommend you to take a lot of snaps and we’re sure your followers will love.


Oiran Courtesan Procession

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This is an amazing place to go when you’re planning an adventure. Truly, a magical experience.









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