Top 5 Kickstarters for the tech-obsessed urban warrior

Sure, the wilderness is tough, but the urban wilderness? It can be brutal. Luckily, these five Kickstarter projects are here to make life in the city just a little bit better. From a leather bag that holds everything like magic to a hydroponic grow system that grows greens with no green thumb, conquer your urban world with these five great innovations you won’t want to miss.

1. Nisnas Vortex Shadow sling bag:

 Start your next adventure with the right partner

The Vortex Shadow is about to change the bag game forever. It’s slim,    yet holds all the gear you need for a day’s adventure. Bring your phone, tablet, camera, water bottle, books, keys, headphones, and multi-tool along. The Vortex Shadow can handle it all while still keeping its shape and making you look great. And the full-grain leather and handmade design means you’ll always be looking good while carrying it.

For the Vortex Shadow Kickstarter page click here


2. Caply Mini Wearable Camera:

Capture every memorable moment with this tiny camera

The world becomes your lens with the Caply camera. This mini wearable camera packs a big punch, recording up to five hours of video and outlasting even the most well-charged iPhone. You can bring it anywhere because this thing is small but mighty – this screen won’t crack. Capture your life, your way. And it fits nicely in one of Vortex Shadow’s many pockets too.       

For the Caply Camera Kickstarter page click here


 3. GroBox One:

 Start a garden in your apartment, no green thumb required


Maybe you don’t have the best green thumb or even any outdoor space for a garden. With this product, neither of those things matter. GroBox One is the idiot-proof all-in-one hydroponic greenhouse that’ll turn your studio apartment into a thriving nursery. You don’t even need soil.

For the GroBox Kickstarter page click here


  4. Consolidate your cordage with HyperDrive:

8-in-1 USB Hub + Wireless Charger


There are too many cords to connect these days. With this handy device, you can now connect them all to one convenient place. Oh, and it also charges your iPhone wirelessly if you just place it on top.  So it’s really 9-in-1 if you think about it. It’s something you’ll want to have on handy at all times. It’s small, so it fits great inside your Vortex Shadow bag too.

For the HyperDrive Kickstarter page click here

 5. Slip into something MOST comfortable:
The Sento Bathrobe and Slippers


When you’re not out exploring, you want to be comfy at home, Netflix and chilling in style. But most bathrobes are just horrid. Not this one. Sento Bathrobes transport you to a luxury vacation inside your own home. There are slippers too that’ll make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud.

For the Sento Bathrobe Kickstarter page click here



These Kickstarter creations are all happening right now, so if you’d like to see them come to life, you should probably support their pages now. Some of them even have delivery guarantees (like the Vortex Shadow bag). Combined, these 5 innovations are sure to up your urban game for good.

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