In Future Batteries Could Be Powered By Sugar

Yes its true that in future we may see batteries being powered by sugar. We all know that the use of Lithium is now at a very wide scale since they are now used as a medication to battle bi-polar disorder and also to power laptops and phones batteries. So that creates a high demand of Lithium in industry and that also explains the cost of batteries as well.

Japanese researchers have found a unique way to power batteries with the help of sugar. Researchers heated sugar till 1500°C in a furnace lacking oxygen which turned sugar into a carbon powder. This phenomenon can be acheived with a number of elements but sucrose is considerably abundant, making it a better choice.

Although achieving this kind of success in real life would face numerous difficulties, but if it could be achieved the batteries prices could drop considerably. So lets keep our fingers crossed for now and hope that the scientists translate this lab invention into a industrial product ready for everyday use!

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