Samsung Vs Apple – Who Is Winning

Samsung has been doing great in smartphones lately. Remarkably, the company has made record breaking profits in Q3 2012, they also led in global smartphone shipments last year. Samsung latest smartphone, the Galaxy S3 has also seen huge sucess and according to the latest stats, out of five weeks, four weeks were S3’s best selling weeks.

The only concern for the South Korean company was the launch of Apple’s next device i.e iPhone 5. Many consumers were holding fire to buy the new phone, as they wanted to see the offering of Apple. Upon the unveiling of iPhone 5, there was a mixed response.While iPhone 5 did sell in numbers, there was a major shift over of many consumers towards Samsung.

Now despite the big success, Samsung made $7.4 Billion profit whereas Apple made $8.2 Billion net profit during the same time.This seems strange as Samsung has a larger market share and has apparently shipped more devices than Apple but it is all explained by the fact that Apple’s per device margin is way higher.
Samsung Galaxy S3 is still expected to sell more in holiday season. Moreover, the latest Galaxy Note 2 will give Samsung a big boost in market and as far as we can see it will definitely set new records for Samsung!

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