Dual-Screen Phones: Evolution or Destined for the Junk Pile?

Duel screen phones provide the allure of increases in productivity and more entertainment options. Problem is, will they work, or will they become a piece of trash.

Samsung’s New ‘Safety Trucks’ Line Brings See Through Trucks To Make Roads Safer

Statistics show that in Argentina, nearly one person dies in a car crash every hour and in some of these cases trucks are involved. Samsung is however looking to put a change to this with hopes to successfully implement a new technology that you bet will save the lives of drivers who look to overtake semi-trailer

Samsung’s New Mirror Display Technology Is Precisely What All Busy People NEED

Thanks to Samsung’s latest display technology, you will be able to see information like traffic delays as you take your morning shower, and even check out what’s happening on social media. What was initially designed to create a ‘virtual necklace’ for a jewellery firm was altered to become the industry’s first Mirror and Transparent OLED display

Deaf Man Receives Awing Surprise From His Entire Neighbourhood

Most if not all of us love surprises, the good ones in particular. Surprising people with positive, unexpected events that took much time to prepare, is one of the best ways to tell someone that you love and appreciate them.This deaf man living in Istanbul received this sort of surprise. Muharrem went out one morning

Samsung Creates 2-Room ‘Dream Doghouse’ For The Finest Dogs

Some people can afford to treat their dog with the finest of things, feeding them out of silver plates, giving them manicures and pedicures on a frequent basis, and dressing them in brand name clothes. Recently, Samsung unveiled a $30,000 two-room ‘Dream Doghouse’ that offers your thoroughly-pampered pooch with a hot tub, astroturf-covered treadmill, paw-operated

Samsung Now Wants To Heal The World.

  Samsung has risen to fame in the mobile world over the last couple of years rolling out smart phone after smart phone. Many people thought that the iPhone’s place at number one was untouchable but Samsung spent billions of dollars on marketing and reaped the rewards becoming best seller in the mobile industry followed

Top 10 features of The New Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung is ruling the mobile phone industry when it comes to smart phones. Samsung’s Galaxy series has broken all sales records and SII was one of the most sold phone in last few years. The latest model; Samsung Galaxy 4 is the next big thing. Today we have compiled a list of top 10 features

Samsung Vs Apple – Who Is Winning

Samsung has been doing great in smartphones lately. Remarkably, the company has made record breaking profits in Q3 2012, they also led in global smartphone shipments last year. Samsung latest smartphone, the Galaxy S3 has also seen huge sucess and according to the latest stats, out of five weeks, four weeks were S3’s best selling

Samsung Canada Sent A Customized GS3 To A Long Time Fan

The story is as interesting as the title. Few months ago, a Canadian Samsung fan Shane Bennett contacted Samsung Canada on their Facebook page. He asked them to send him a free Galaxy S3 since he has been a loyal customer to the brand for the past many years. Along with his request he sent

Will iPhone 5 Look Like This? Confirmed Leak Pictures

Will it be the return of the King of phones or will Samsung continue to dominate the smartphone market? There is no doubt that in recent times, Samsung has given a whole new taste and dimension to smart phones and has therefore stood out as the leader in technology. But Apple will certainly try to