The Most Unique Choir In The World Consists Of Android Devices

This has got to be the most unusual choir that has ever hit a stage to sing. Another unusual fact about this choir is that it is comprised of just phones. The gadget choir by Google, is called the ‘Android Chorus’ and features 300 phones and tablets dancing and singing together. The idea was devised

Turn Your Phone’s Audio Jack Into a Customizable Button

Feel like there are not enough physical buttons on your phone? Now you can turn your phone’s 3.5mm headphone audio jack as a customizable button with an all new gadget – the ‘Pressy’ Pressy is a little button that’s exclusively made for Android phones. After plugging it into your phone’s headphone jack you can use

Top 10 Apps That Make Your Life More Efficient

Inventions have always been made because a need was felt to do a certain work more easily and in less time. Hence, need is the mother of invention. Inventors are always coming up with stuff that makes working easier and fun. Along the same lines, smart phones are smart because of the efficient apps that

Will You Buy Google Glass With These Specs And Price?

So finally Google Glass is about to hit the shelves in a few days and we all are excited to see it for real! Now one needs to know about this device more than a usual gadget or a mobile phone since spending 1500 bucks on a gadget you don’t know about isnt a good

Top 10 Games for Smart Phones

Own a smart phone? The next question would undoubtedly be; Dude which games you got there? Games and smart phones have their destinies intertwined since forever. Today we have the top 10 most played games on android and iOS. Yes, we find it frustrating too that some games are available on only one platform. Nonetheless,

Top 10 Most Sold Smart Phones

Smart phones have become so essential that it’s almost impossible to imagine life without them. It’s that thing which you must own. From businessmen to small kids, You’ll find them everywhere these days. Of course, having a smart phone cancels out the need for a mp3 player, dictionary, camera and what not. If you spend enough, you

Sony Smart Watch For Android

Few months ago, Apple released their iPod nano watch in the market, and now there is an Android watch, from Sony. The watch is optimized for Sony Xperia smartphones, but it runs with pretty much every Android handset. All you need is Sony’s LiveWare app along with the SmartWatch plug-in. With this watch, you can check

The World’s Slimmest Smart Phone is Here!

The Title of the World’s Slimmest smart phone was previously awarded to Huawei because of its dashing smartphone “Ascend P1 S”, but now the title remains no more with them since a hidden company named “Oppo” in China has revealed the World’s slimmest smart phone. The phone itself is not named yet but its leaked picture is on web

Top 10 Chinese Phones You Can Buy Instead of iPhone

The Chinese smartphone makers offer you the choice of ‘high class’ cells at an amazingly affordable price. As a matter of fact, some of these are bound to make you think twice before going for the new flagship model from Samsung or perhaps even Apple. No 10. ZTE Tania This is one of those Chinese

Samsung Galaxy S III – The Rise Of A New Star

The much awaited phone “Samsung Galaxy S3” whose predecessors put some world records on sales has finally launched in London. We are very excited to tell you about the features and an overall performance of S3. So here it is the new beast of Android which has already crossed a milestone in benchmark tests and