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Top 10 Most Sold Smart Phones

Smart phones have become so essential that it’s almost impossible to imagine life without them. It’s that thing which you must own. From businessmen to small kids, You’ll find them everywhere these days. Of course, having a smart phone cancels out the need for a mp3 player, dictionary, camera and what not. If you spend enough, you

US Army Wrapping Up Tests Of Android, iPhone, Windows Phone

Rumor has been floating around about new gadgets being used by the US Army to test their effectiveness in the battlefield, however; the news has recently been confirmed by Michael McCarthy-the Project Director- in an interview with CNN.McCarthy revelaed that the the new smartphones have been on a test-run for the last six weeks in

iPhone Marks 4th Anniversary In Changed World

On Wednesday, the iPhone marked its fourth anniversary. The first smartphone of the company was sold on June 29, 2007 and was the official start to what would become iOS and arguably Apple’s key business. Apple sold only 273,000 devices that opening weekend on one carrier and one country but today it ships almost as