An iPhone & A Nintendo Game Boy Merged Into One Device With A Case

It is said that more than 600 million smartphone and tablet owners use their devices to play games. In that event, some developers from Los Angeles have designed a case that aims to turn your iPhone into a Nintendo Game Boy by adding the iconic directional arrows, and the A and B buttons. The attachment called

A Smartphone App To Detect Earthquakes

Want to know about the inception of destruction? Here’s your chance, with a smartphone app that detects earthquakes. iShake is a free app designed to detect seismic activity. It utilizes the accelerometer that every smartphone has. This particular mechanism in your phone tells your display to respond when you tilt your phone to the side. The researchers

8 iPhone 5S/ iPhone 6 Rumors that are Most Likely to Be True

If we could only get our hands on a pre-release version of the iPhone 6… yeah, we’ll keep on dreaming. For now here are features and info we think will be making the cut when the thing finally hits the stores.   Fingerprint unlock A fingerprint sensor has been rumored to appear on iPhones for

iPhone 5 Black Diamond Edition Now Available For $15 Million

Today we bring to you the world’s most expensive iPhone! An England based luxury goods company, Stuart Hughes, has produced the most elegant and expensive iPhone by topping it up with world’s finest diamonds and gold. This eye catching iPhone features a spotless 26-carat black deep cut diamond. Only the ultra rich people can afford this

Top 10 Games for Smart Phones

Own a smart phone? The next question would undoubtedly be; Dude which games you got there? Games and smart phones have their destinies intertwined since forever. Today we have the top 10 most played games on android and iOS. Yes, we find it frustrating too that some games are available on only one platform. Nonetheless,

Top 10 Most Sold Smart Phones

Smart phones have become so essential that it’s almost impossible to imagine life without them. It’s that thing which you must own. From businessmen to small kids, You’ll find them everywhere these days. Of course, having a smart phone cancels out the need for a mp3 player, dictionary, camera and what not. If you spend enough, you

Now Watch 3D Movies On Your iPhone

Thanks to modern trends, 3D movies are now hitting the shelves and are in great demand. People want to have more 3D content and are even turning their homes into 3D theaters. Looking at the demand of 3D,  Hasbro team decided to step ahead by bringing 3D on the go for every smartphone user. So

Paper Keyboard Use Vibrations Of Your iPhone

Fluent and accurate typing has always been a problem for many smartphone users. Ofcourse the QWERTY keyboard on your phone can’t provide you much space to type like you do on your desktop/laptop keyboards. A new approach for typing has been discovered that uses vibration mapping and it could be a upcoming technology in future smartphone keyboards. This

Philips HUE – Your New Colorful Bulb

Previously LIFX unveiled the concept of multi-coloured bulbs and these revolutionary light bulbs were controlled through smartphones. Now Philips has presented a similar product known as HUE. This smart bulb can let you control the colors, intensity, brightness and shade through an iPhone or an iPad. You can also  capture an image using your smart device and

Story Of The Day: Drowned iPhone Still Found Working After 6 Months

Smartphones are well against multitasking but none can survive the water diving contest. About six months ago,  Ken Hovanes accidentally dropped his iPhone in a lake. The water in the lake was 2 meter deep and was murky black, Ken tried hard to find his lost phone but he couldn’t. So he gave up on