8 iPhone 5S/ iPhone 6 Rumors that are Most Likely to Be True

If we could only get our hands on a pre-release version of the iPhone 6… yeah, we’ll keep on dreaming.

For now here are features and info we think will be making the cut when the thing finally hits the stores.



Fingerprint unlock

A fingerprint sensor has been rumored to appear on iPhones for a while now, but this time it looks like that might actually happen. That is, if we are to believe this photo from the iOS 7 beta code. The snippet references a setup process in which a user presses a finger on the home button, with the fingerprint then changing color on the screen, probably to indicate if the user is recognized or not. Fingerprint technology has a lot of potential, for example to quickly access the iTunes store instead of typing in a password.


September Release Date

Analysts have been pretty uniform in their predictions that a new iPhone is coming in September. Then again, it could be the iPhone 5s, the security minded brother to the iPhone 5. Or it could be we’ll be seeing both the 5s and the iPhone 6 in September. Either way, a busy month.


Improved camera

Apple has been upgrading the iPhone’s camera steadily with each new release. You can count on them doing that again, with a rumored 12-megapixel rear side camera sensor



 The mogul feature on the new iPhone should allow capturing video at a recording rate of up to 120 frames-per-second. Professional movies have already been films, in part, on an iPhone and this feature will take video to a whole new level, including the ability to do some pro level slow motion effects.



Waterproofing is already available through aftermarket add-ons (see video below!) but apple may make it a standard feature.





Polycarbonate casing

The new polycarbonate shell appears to have a flat back with the volume rocker split into two



Multiple colors

Finally giving consumers some extra choice, the new iPhone should be available in five different colors (red, green, yellow, blue and white).


Car Integration

According to leaked patents, the new iPhone will learn your preferences and adjust to your preferred configuration when you enter a new car.


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