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These New Wetsuits Render You Invisible to Sharks

What’s the best way to protect yourself from sharks? That’s right, don’t get in the water. But some folks have an unstoppable urge to dive or surf in shark infested waters, and these suits might be the second best solution. Hamish Jolly and Craig Anderson, working with the University of Western Australia, created them to protect you from becoming shark bait. There are actually two types, one for surfers and the other for swimmers and divers. The ‘Elude’ suit is a blue and white wetsuit which renders you invisible in the water and is made for divers. The ‘Diverter’ suit, made for surfers, has black and white pattern which makes you look unpleasant to the gnarly creatures.

So would you trust your life to such technology? Sharks use a number of senses to locate their prey, but vision is the most crucial one in the final stage of an attack, and these suits were created with this in mind. They claim it has been tested with tiger sharks and proven successful. So go ahead and swim with the sharks, I guess. I’ll be staying on dry land though, thanks.



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