Head Transplant Now Possible Says NeuroScientist

If this doesn’t make you cringe nothing will. A head transplant from one body to another? Really? 

Well, Italian Neuroscientist Dr. Sergio Canavero says this just might be a possibility. He is the head (ha ha) of the  Anastomosis Venture with Cord Fusion who published a research in the June issue of   “Surgical Neurology International”.  In it the doc spells out a unique method to separate a person’s head from a host body and replace it with the donor head. The paper describes in detail all the techniques and methods, which actually were carried out in the 70’s on animals – the poor things. The only problem is the attachment of the head’s spine to a donor’s body. OK, that’s actually kind of a big problem. But maybe it’s for the best that this medical innovation never actually materializes. 




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