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Navigo — The Smart Navigator Watch

With the release of Google Glass it’s pretty obvious that wearable tech-gadgets are in vogue. Now it seems like every tech company has stepped into this arena. One such smart wearable gadget is the wearable smartphone wristwatch.

Unlike other smart watches, ‘Navigo’ was designed to provide smart navigation cues right on your hand. The watch uses Bluetooth to connect to your Smartphone’s mapping and GPS system, helping you stay on track by pointing out the right direction. Tiny vibrations alert the user by signalling where to turn, also represented by LED arrows on the watch itself. When you reach your destination the vibration also acts as a proximity alert, announcing that you are about to reach your destination. And, just in case you actually want to know the time, this device also functions as a regular watch. Currently the watch is in concept phase, but we love this idea and can’t wait to check it out when it hits production. Pics below:





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