Navigo — The Smart Navigator Watch

With the release of Google Glass it’s pretty obvious that wearable tech-gadgets are in vogue. Now it seems like every tech company has stepped into this arena. One such smart wearable gadget is the wearable smartphone wristwatch. Unlike other smart watches, ‘Navigo’ was designed to provide smart navigation cues right on your hand. The watch

iModela The 3D Milling Machine You Always Wanted

The world of 3D made developers to gain attention on developing 3D printers as well. Previously we saw some huge 3D modelling printers which actually makes the replica of objects using different materials like plastic, resins and wax. It used different type of colours to make it as far as identical to the original object. Many tools

Coming Laptops With Built In Kinect Sensors

Microsoft is really putting the world in grip by now introducing their Kinect technology to almost every part. We already heard that Microsoft is about to give their Kinect technology to different firms with 200$ which can be able to detect you from 15 to 20 inches. We heard coming of Windows 8 at the

Apple Security Chief ‘Retires’ In Reaction To The Lost iPhone 4S Prototype

According to a new report, Apple’s security head, John Theriault, has left the company without having reached his retirement. This early retirement is basically a result of how the case of a lost iPhone 4S prototype was handled this summer after an Apple employee reportedly left a next-generation prototype at the Cava22 bar in San

MacBook Pro 3G Prototype Shows Up

A prototype MacBook Pro 15″ with a built-in 3G cellular modem has been put up for sale on eBay. Apart from a 3G antenna and SIM card slot, the 2007 model is generally an ordinary MacBook Pro with a Core 2 Duo chip, although there’s some additional soldering and the motherboard is red which is

Gizmodo To Avoid Charges In iPhone 4 Prototype Debacle

No charges will be brought against Gizmodo workers in the matter of iPhone 4 prototype found last April, as per the District Attorney’s office for San Mateo County. “After a consideration of all of the evidence, it was determined that no charges would be filed against employees of Gizmodo,” a statement from the DA’s office

iPhone 5 Leaked In China

A Chinese website has leaked out images of what appears to be an iPhone 5 running on China Mobile’s 3G network. If the above posted leaked image is the real deal, then there happen to be two reasons for the Chinese nation to be thrilled for: China Mobile is at last playing host to Apple’s

Two More iPhone 4 Prototypes Appear On eBay

It has been hardly a day since the prototype of the new iPhone4 started selling on ebay and Apple has astonished the fans with yet another surprise by releasing a similar set of phones in the market, the major distinguishing feature being the appearance of the gadgets. The handsets are white in color as compared

Want Your Phone To Notify You By Standing Up?

What if whenever you recieve a phone call or a text message your phone changes its position to let you know. Nokia's latest concept phone's design disclosed.

Autonomous Turret Sentry: Prototype 9 (video 9 of 18) A demo of the 9th prototype. the airsoft gun is a crosman pulse R-71 with a tennis ball can on it Note: This is a user submitted video under “User Submitted” Category. Although the submitted content is moderated, RealityPod does not guarantee the accuracy of information provided in posts of this particular category.