Capturing Snowflakes In Ultra Detail

Indeed photography is an art of capturing exquisiteness from one’s own perspective. Today Alexey Kljatov showed us some of his amazing shots. What make them an exclusive piece of art are the detail, precision and quality of the visual along with the subject that is beyond imagination. He has taken snowflakes as subject of his

The Invisible Skyscraper

“Invisible Skyscraper” sounds good. There’s no magic involved, just vision and planning which made this idea possible, of course with the help of technology. The South Korean government approved the design of World’s first invisible tower, The Infinity Tower, near Incheon International Airport. You heard it right – for some reason they figured it was a good

Squito — the covert camera you can throw around

If photography is your passion then Squito is what you might just need now. Created by Boston native Steve Hollinger, the little rounded ballshaped Squinto is a throwable panoramic camera that takes aerial and panoramic photography to next level. This eye catching device is equipped with three separate cameras on three different locations on the

Top 10 Cameras for 2013

All geared up to buy a digital camera? Well, be prepared to be bombarded with choices and advices! There are so many brands out there with so many different features that one can easily get lost. In all the chaos and hassle it becomes even more difficult to filter out information from mere publicity! Before

A Camera That Is Controlled With Your Eyes

A new idea enters the battle of camera and photography. Of all the futuristic cameras and their concepts, this idea is the coolest one. This new camera works on the new technology of eye-tracking and biometric detection, helping the device to take photos smoothly on the blink of your eye. Function of this camera is way

Nokia Shocks Up The World By 41 MP Camera Phone

Previous year was not that good for Nokia, as they lost quite a shares and international market reputation, moreover company suffered a huge loss but there was a hope in them on which they announced that the coming year would be of Nokia. Now in 2012, they have shocked the world by something you would

Use AE/AF Lock on the iPhone’s camera in iOS 5

Feeling disturbed from the Auto focus feature of the iphone’s camera! That’s not a problem it is easy and simple requiring a few steps to be followed. Before going further one thing to be remembered is that this procedure mentioned here is for iOS 5 version. The major advantages of this feature are that it

Apple iPhone 4S Vs Nokia Lumia 800

The first Windows Phone 7 device offered by Nokia is indeed having some amazing features , but is lacking not only some key hardware and software elements but also will only debut in Europe, leaving the US market unmarked for Apple and Android. Unlike iPhone 4S, the new Lumia 800 is not a global CDMA/GSM

Why Should iPhone 4 Users Upgrade To iPhone 4S?

There have taken place a number of changes in the iPhone 4S in comparison with the iPhone 4 as posted earlier. But are these changes good enough for an iPhone 4 user to upgrade to iPhone 4S is what we are going to explore here. One very strong reason to buy iPhone 4S for iPhone

Top 10 iPhone Apps by Sales Volume

In line with our previous list of top selling games for the iPhone, today we present to you the 10 top selling paid apps for the device. No 10. Hipstamatic Price: $1.99 Hipstamatic is a camera app that goes beyond other photo apps for the iPhone, turning your device into a full- fledged digital camera.