Nokia Shocks Up The World By 41 MP Camera Phone

Previous year was not that good for Nokia, as they lost quite a shares and international market reputation, moreover company suffered a huge loss but there was a hope in them on which they announced that the coming year would be of Nokia. Now in 2012, they have shocked the world by something you would hardly believe

So the company unveiled their new phone named Nokia 808 PureView which has a 41 MegaPixel Camera! Now after dropping your jaws rub your eyes again to see that yes it is 41 MP camera phone. How Nokia did that fantastic job on putting up a 41 MP camera in a smartphone is admirable. You might be disappointed on the same time by learning that they have put this phone with Symbian OS but according to them this might be the one of their last Symbian phones. So this makes sense that before leaving their beloved OS they wanted to do something for it.



Talking about the camera of the phone we have collected some series of shots, and we admire by stating that this thing is way to awesome. As you require no extra ordinary photographic skills and all you get is a very good handy professional camera in your phone. The High details in pictures without any loss of clarity is an amazing work. The camera can  work perfectly in low light conditions. It has the sense and optimization of professional cameras as it blurs the back image which is not in focus just like a professional camera does. Moreover the 808 PureView records Full HD 1080p videos by using rich recording technology which can record audio upto 140 decibel and ofcourse this might be the first phone coming up with this type of technology. Even on playing back the recording you get 5.1 Dolby surround. Further the phone is of 1.3 GHz processor but sadly have 512 MB RAM, 4-inch 360 x 640 AMOLED nHD covered in a curved Gorilla glass. The internal storage of the phone would be 16 GB. Other features are NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0 and it is running on Symbian Belle. The phone is rumored to be coming in late May. No confirmed price by the company but as told by the resources it would be near 450 to 500 pounds.

Enjoy some fascinating pictures from this phone and watch the video by interviewing Head of Imaging technologies.



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