Nokia Shocks Up The World By 41 MP Camera Phone

Previous year was not that good for Nokia, as they lost quite a shares and international market reputation, moreover company suffered a huge loss but there was a hope in them on which they announced that the coming year would be of Nokia. Now in 2012, they have shocked the world by something you would

Apple iPhone 4S Vs Nokia Lumia 800

The first Windows Phone 7 device offered by Nokia is indeed having some amazing features , but is lacking not only some key hardware and software elements but also will only debut in Europe, leaving the US market unmarked for Apple and Android. Unlike iPhone 4S, the new Lumia 800 is not a global CDMA/GSM

Apple To Launch 4G-Capable iPhone In 2012

Rumor has it that one of the biggest disappointments on the iPhone 4S’ launch of incompatibility with 4G network will be resolved next year when Apple is expected to join the LTE club. According to industry sources, the entrance of Apple into the 4G LTE smartphone market is believed to come at the time during

iPhone Moves Past Nokia And Android In European Mobile Data

Reports have revealed this spring that the iPhone in Europe has surpassed Nokia in mobile ad traffic. Apple has managed to grow 3.3 points to reach 19.5 percent of all European ad data where Nokia lost almost a whole point to sink to 18.7 percent. The growth was helped by Nokia’s weakness in smartphones; ad

iPhone Marks 4th Anniversary In Changed World

On Wednesday, the iPhone marked its fourth anniversary. The first smartphone of the company was sold on June 29, 2007 and was the official start to what would become iOS and arguably Apple’s key business. Apple sold only 273,000 devices that opening weekend on one carrier and one country but today it ships almost as

Apple Will Pay Nokia Billions In iPhone Patent Licensing

Although Apple mocked at the financial impact of the settlement, licensing fees of Nokia technologies will end up costing Apple billions. The Cupertino, Calif. company could pay Nokia a lump sum of up to $608 million with about $138 million in licensing fees going to the Finnish firm every three months, as per Deutsche Bank

Nokia CEO Wants His Employees To Use iPhones

Now that the flounder handset giant Nokia has been taken over by the ex-Microsoft tycoon  Stephen Elop, you’d presume that he’d want his employees to start using Windows Phone 7 handsets preferably Nokia ones. But it happens to be not the case; he wants them to use iPhones. According to a report, the hard task

A Working Class Apple iPhone Would Trouble Android, RIM, Nokia

Apple may be launching a low-cost iPhone, most likely the 3GS, in order to tackle emerging markets, midmarket customers and prepaid plans. If this working class iPhone gets launched, it will be highly disruptive to Android as well as Research in Motion, which is already living off its low-cost Curve.     One thing is

Want Your Phone To Notify You By Standing Up?

What if whenever you recieve a phone call or a text message your phone changes its position to let you know. Nokia's latest concept phone's design disclosed.

Nokia Unveils Bike-Powered Cell Phone Chargers

Nokia has released a pedal powered cell phone charger kit slated for developing nations where the power supply is limited, unreliable or expensive. The kit includes a bottle-dynamo, like the ones used to power a bike light, plus a cell phone holder that attaches to the handlebars. Nokia hopes to begin selling the kits by