iPhone 4S

Here are different fixes for iPhone 4S activation problems

When new iPhone 4S users are going to unlock their phone, they see different activation problems. Different messages occur at your phone screen conveying the error like ‘could not activate iPhone’, or simply ‘activation’ with spinning cursor. These messages sometimes appear due to overloaded activation servers. Sometimes, the activation process takes too much time like

Top 10 Touchscreen Phones for 2012

Innovation, adaptability, improvisation and proficiency comprised together to give birth to a new generation of cell phones which are more advanced, capable of doing multitasking at an elevated speed, allows you to have a full control over your business whenever you are on the go. This evolution led the formation of new class of cell

Delete Phone Calls on the iPhone with a Swipe

Deleting the phone calls on iphone especially in older versions like iphone 3, 3S is not that simple.  In the latest versions operating at iOS 5 the users can delete any single phone call from the iphone call log with a simple tap. The procedure for deleting the call is very easy and simple. All

Changing the gender voice with Siri’s Voice

Siri’s Voice is a useful application which works on iphone 4, and 4S. Siri’s gender and voice is different based on the region, with a female voice for USA and Australian, and a male voice in the UK. You can change the voice regardless of the location you are using this app in iphone 4S.

Check iPhone 4S upgrade eligibility status on different carriers

Lots of new faces are willing to keep iPhone in their pocket and want to enjoy its diverse functions in daily life. When you want to upgrade to iPhone, you need to check eligibility status that what are the terms and conditions, price and different types of contracts offered by available carriers. AT&T and Verizon

Broadcast the iPhone’s Camera Live to an Apple TV with AirPlay

AirPlay is a useful application embedded in the iphone series. The basic purpose of this app is to mirror the video enabling the user to broadcast live images, videos from the iphone camera. Through Airplay the user can directly broadcast the video to Apple TV on the same network. For this the suggested version of

Siri gets a face!

Imagine how would Siri look like if it was having any face. Different artists showed their different imaginations to shape up siri’s face. Now this is really true that one thing which we just see for our self, we don’t forget it ever then, its always like you call that name of it and a

Transferring Data from the Current IPhone to the IPhone 4S

For those of you who are really worried about the transferring of contents from the old iPhone to the new iPhone 4S, then Apple has discovered a solution for that. In order to transfer the content from the current iPhone to the new iPhone you just have to follow some steps for that: The most

Fix “No SIM Card Installed” Error on iPhone 4S by Installing iOS 5.0.1 Build 9A406

iPhone 4S is specially built to support the iOS5.0.1.This operating system is enabled to fix the SIM card issues in iphone previous version. This error was making users angry as the operating system was not capable enough to connect to the network supplier server. The error messages usually shown on the screen is as “No

How to unlock iPhone 4S with iOS 5 bug

If you have locked iPhone 4S, you can use iOS 5 bug to unlock your phone. You need to have another GSM activated iPhone 4S (it could be any other carrier, for example AT&T), SIM card and Micro SIM (T-mobile). With these things, you can unlock iPhone 4S by using iOS 5 bug. Here is