Check iPhone 4S upgrade eligibility status on different carriers

Lots of new faces are willing to keep iPhone in their pocket and want to enjoy its diverse functions in daily life. When you want to upgrade to iPhone, you need to check eligibility status that what are the terms and conditions, price and different types of contracts offered by available carriers. AT&T and Verizon work with Apple upgrade checker website and Sprint will join them soon. Here is how you can check the upgrade eligibility status on different carriers.

  • To check it on AT&T, call *639# from the phone and tell that they want to upgrade to iPhone. They will send you a text message, containing all the information whether you are eligible or not and contract offer etc details.
  • Verizon users will dial #874 from their phones to find out their upgrade eligibility status. They can also login to their Verizon account online and check the status. In Verizon, you can upgrade to iPhone any time by paying upgrade fee and signing two year new contract.
  • Sprint is the only provider which offers unlimited data plans to iPhone users. You can go to sprint upgrade page and check your eligibility status.

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