10 Amusing Bar & Cafe Chalkboard Signs That Will Totally Make Your Day

Apart from being your source of information for what is being served at that local corner cafe or bar, chalkboard sidewalk signs have proven to be customer attractors and entertainment for passer-bys. The difference between these two purposes is that while the first would require nothing but chalk, the second would require chalk and a witty brain to have customers wanting to stop by.

Some corner places are fortunate enough to have this type of people working with them. Check out this list of funny bar and cafe chalkboard signs that will definitely have you walking into their establishment to spend your money.


1. This Irish Pub Has Ever Man’s Back

bar sign 1


2. We Don’t Serve Women

bar sign 2


3. Alcohol Is A Solution!

bar sign 3


4. The Tacho & The Nacho

bar sign 4


5. Looking For A Mate?

bar sign 5


6. How To Not Give A Shit

bar sign 6


7. Stay Safe With The Help Of This Restaurant

bar sign 7


8. The Bar Version of a Valentine’s Day Sign 

bar sign 8


9. The Oldest Husband Care Centre in Edinburg

bar sign 9


10. Get FREE BEER By Buying One For The Price of Two

bar sign 10

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