Check iPhone 4S upgrade eligibility status on different carriers

Lots of new faces are willing to keep iPhone in their pocket and want to enjoy its diverse functions in daily life. When you want to upgrade to iPhone, you need to check eligibility status that what are the terms and conditions, price and different types of contracts offered by available carriers. AT&T and Verizon

Transfer contacts from old phone to new Version iPhone WITH VZ Contact Transfer

If you have bought a new iphone and already use Verizon application services, then you must avail the Verizon Contact transfer application. This application is available on iTunes App store free of cost. Verizon application pulls your contacts from the old phone you were using to new VZ iphone through Verizon’s Backup assistance services. This

Google’s Android Phones Cost More Than iPhone 4S

Due to the generous subsidies provided by the large mobile carriers like Verizon, Apple’s iPhone is available at lower prices as compared to Google’s Android phones. This is primarily because Apple has successfully negotiated with these companies as opposed to Google. Hence Apple has a cost advantage over its competitors allowing it to maintain its

T-Mobile Is Switching On To iPhone-Friendly 3G As Part Of 84Mbps Upgrade

According to many recent reports, T-Mobile is switching on 3G for frequencies that can be used by existing unlocked iPhones. For the year 2012, at least some parts of Northern California and Nevada are considering 1,900MHz to be used as extra carrying space for the HSPA+ 84Mbps network. This arrangement would not only provide speeds faster

iPhone 4S Tops Carrier Sales, Followed Closely By Galaxy SII

According to an Investment firm, Canaccord Genuity, iPhone 4S was the bestselling smartphone last month at all the three of its U.S. carriers, followed closely by Samsung Galaxy S II. Last month, market share and sales figures in U.S. saw more growth with iPhone 4S (all the three models) than the Samsung Galaxy S II,

iPhone 4S Adding Maximum Subscribers To Verizon

Although all the three U.S. carriers are benefiting from the launch of iPhone 4S, Verizon has so far proven to be the biggest beneficiary, as per a new report from J.P. Morgan. Due to the launch of iPhone 4S, 1.2 million postpaid subscribers are believed to be added to Verizon during the fourth quarter, slightly

30 Percent iPhone 4 Owners Paid Early Termination Fee For iPhone 4S

As per a survey recently carried out by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, amongst current iPhone 4S users, 30 percent have upgraded from Apple’s iPhone 4. Now this means that these iPhone 4 users had to pay early termination fee since iPhone 4 was released in June 2010 and  any subscriber who upgrades to the iPhone 4S before

AT&T Has The Fastest iPhone 4S Network, Verizon Has The Most Reliable

A question most often asked by iPhone users is which network is best among the US cellular carriers AT&T, Sprint and Verizon?  This question has been answered by a performance analytics firm, Metrico Wireless Inc, in its new report disclosing the best US carrier in terms of speed and reliability. The results found by this

Unlocked iPhone 4S Now Available In U.S.

Unlocked iPhone 4S models are now being offered by Apple in U.S. These contract-free iPhones are priced at $649, $749 and$849 for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models, respectively. Here’s what Apple had to say about the unlocked iPhone: “The unlocked iPhone includes all the features of iPhone but without a contract commitment. You can

Analyst: Sprint, Verizon Seeing High iPhone Sales

According to Sterne Agee analyst, Shaw Wu, both Sprint and Verizon are seeing strong iPhone sales. The subscribers that Sprint lost for not having the iPhone as an option until October 14 are now coming back on to it, new customers may also get attracted because of its unlimited iPhone data plans in the US.