iPhone sales

iPhone Sales Increase In UK, USA And Australia

Research firm, Kantar Worldpanel’s recent data exhibits a positive increasing trend of iPhone sales in USA, UK and Australia over the last quarter, mainly driven by the launch of iPhone 4s. However, sales have dropped in some countries of Eastern Europe on account of unfavorable economic conditions, causing customers to opt for economical cell phones.

Apple Selling More iPhones Than Ever Before In This Quarter

As per a statement made by Apple CEO Tim Cook in October, the running quarter would be the iPhone’s best quarter ever. Although, such a statement to have come from Apple CEO was a stunner, it seems today that it was very well calculated: A recent report from UBS claims, on the basis of the

Analyst: Sprint, Verizon Seeing High iPhone Sales

According to Sterne Agee analyst, Shaw Wu, both Sprint and Verizon are seeing strong iPhone sales. The subscribers that Sprint lost for not having the iPhone as an option until October 14 are now coming back on to it, new customers may also get attracted because of its unlimited iPhone data plans in the US.

Nielsen: iPhone Sales Elevate As Android Sales Flatten Out

As per a recent Nielson study, Apple’s iPhone is back to driving the growth of smartphones in the US. In a survey of recent cell phone buyers, the proportion of new iPhone owners has climbed to 17 percent from 10 percent at the beginning of the year, while percentages of new Android phone owners has

High June iPhone Sales Anticipated Despite No Next-Gen Model From Apple

According to Apple’s overseas supply chain, the release of the white iPhone 4 has helped keep the company on pace to break even with iPhone sales from the last quarter, representing a noteworthy year over year increase even without the launch of an “iPhone 5.” If iPhone shipments for the June quarter do hold stable