iPhone 4

iPhone Caught Fire in Guy’s Pocket Caught on Camera

As shocking as the title sounds, this would be the worst day of Henri Helminen’s life. A 17 year old teenager was on his way to work on a fine day, when suddenly iPhone resting in his pocket started smoking. The device started burning apparently, so he took it out and threw it on the ground before it could

Turn Your iPhone Into A DSLR

For all iPhone owners who are extraordinarily interested in photography via their iPhone, this is a must have gadget for you which is now in market. iPhone shutter is the new toy that adds up in the inventory of iPhone accessories. The little device can turn your phone into a pocket-able DSLR camera. That sounds fun! Now

Enabling Video Mirroring on iPad 1 and iPhone 4 with a Simple Hack

In ipad 1 and iphone 4 video mirroring can be done by using a simple hacking technique. For performing this task you must meet some of the requirements which are stated as below accompanied with patience: • Apple VGA Adapter or Apple Digital AV Adapter for mirroring • Latest version iOS better to update the

Inverting iPhone 4 to display White on Black text

iphone 4 is one of the latest version of iphone series. Likely in Maac machines in iPhone you can invert the display by changing the text to be white on black. This feature enables the user to view the high contrasting experience. Following are the steps involved in implying these changes. This is very easy

A Lovely Wood Case For iPhone Photographers

For iPhone photographers this unique case would be really amazing. The case is totally made up of wood of your own choice, which could either be walnut or bamboo (Walnut wood definitely be having a darker colour) The case is highly durable and it catches the eyes of the observer. As you can see from the picture

Nielsen: iPhone Buzz Dominates Android By 3 To 1

According to a new report by Nielsen, iPhone 4S has consistently been the most talked about device in not only news but also social circles. The new iPhone is at almost 40% of all the devices. From July till December, Apple has 66% share of all the buzz with iPhone 4S having 40% of its own

Customize MobileMe Settings in Mac OS X

By taking into account different computers available and different user configurations, no doubt that while upgrading major OS there is a chance of mistake. There was a successful installation of OS X Lion in the mid-2010. Even after using Lion Cache Cleaner post-install in order to clear out any cruft from Snow Leopard, MobileMe contacts

30 Percent iPhone 4 Owners Paid Early Termination Fee For iPhone 4S

As per a survey recently carried out by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, amongst current iPhone 4S users, 30 percent have upgraded from Apple’s iPhone 4. Now this means that these iPhone 4 users had to pay early termination fee since iPhone 4 was released in June 2010 and  any subscriber who upgrades to the iPhone 4S before

Unlock your iPhone 4 Using Gevey SIM

If you are an iPhone 4 user then probably you know that it is possible to unlock your iPhone 4 basebands 03.10.01, 02.10.04 and 04.10.01 by making use of Gevey SIM card. This SIM card is able to hold different type of information but IMSI number is involve the most that actually is a unique

iPhone 5 release to Account for Apple orders

Apple has thrown bundle of products into market to attract and give more benefits to Apple users. Well now it seems that Apple is going to release next generation iPhone. After successful achievement of older iPhone versions, it has decided to throw iPhone 5. No doubt, iPhone is a wonderful release and raised iOS smartphone