iPad 2

Chinese Teen Sold Kidney To Buy iPhone

What else could be more than that! A young boy aged 17 agreed to sell his kidney to five people including a surgeon, just for buying an iPhone and an iPad. It was reported that the surname of the young boy was Wang and he agreed to sell his kidney for buying these Apple products.

Inside The Apple Headquarters

It has been more or less a dream to watch the Apple Headquarters internally. What we thought was that it was not less than one of the most hidden cool places of the planet, as the Apple did make it secret from all tech industry, so we were always enthusiastic to watch what is inside this heaven

Galileo Gives Your iPhone A New Sense

There have been many gadgets and accessories around in the market particularly circling Apple in which you will find a lot of useful, playful or even annoying gadgets as well. But some definitely deserve credit and they change up the experience of your iPhone with their integration. One of the new gadget we got to know

Alert: iPad2 Price Drop!

Now those of you who are still wishing to have a chance to buy an iPad but due to any reason they couldn’t make out the way to have one, so now there is a good chance to have one of it! As soon as the launch of iPad 3 so called “iPad” , the

iPad 3 — Coming to your desks!

Finally the much awaited Apple iPad 3 is making its turn to market where the Apple fans are much excited. Its not only the Apple fan boys, infact the whole world is waiting to watch what Apple will bring out in a couple of hours! Rumoured named as iPad 3 or iPad HD we are

Customize MobileMe Settings in Mac OS X

By taking into account different computers available and different user configurations, no doubt that while upgrading major OS there is a chance of mistake. There was a successful installation of OS X Lion in the mid-2010. Even after using Lion Cache Cleaner post-install in order to clear out any cruft from Snow Leopard, MobileMe contacts

How to fix Error 1013 in iTunes using TinyUmbrella

Jailbreak tools such as iREB or TinyUmbrella make changes in host file of your MAC or Windows OS computer and when you try to upgrade firmware on iPhone, instead of Apple’s server iTunes goes to connect to Cydia’s server. As the Cydia bend down its server and there are no specific signing keys for firmware

Is it Possible to Jailbreak iPad 2 With JailbreakMe 3.0?

JailbreakMe is an amazing tool to jailbreak iOS devices including iPhone, iPod and iPad. Number of iOS updates has been successfully jailbreak by it such as 4.3.1, 4.3.2, 4.3.1. But, if we look over Apple’s new iPad2, there is no working jailbreak tool for it currently. By observing the development of JailbreakMe new version, it

iOS 4.3.4 Firmware is available to download for iOS devices

Apple has released another iOS version for your iPhone, iPad touch or iPad devices namely iOS 4.3.4. It was also said that Apple will give iOS 4.3.4 firmware to end user in order to exploit that are PDF based. These PDF based exploit use by Jailbreak for jailbreak iPhone and all other devices that supported.

iPhone 5 Gets An iPad 2 Like Back, Looks Amazing

Every single day we come across a new rumor to do with iPhone 5 and there is a good chance that you would have become just a little sick and tired of the next gen iPhone speculations. So here is something to cheer you up. Designer Michal Bonikowski has disclosed a conceptual replicate of what