OS X Lion

Customize MobileMe Settings in Mac OS X

By taking into account different computers available and different user configurations, no doubt that while upgrading major OS there is a chance of mistake. There was a successful installation of OS X Lion in the mid-2010. Even after using Lion Cache Cleaner post-install in order to clear out any cruft from Snow Leopard, MobileMe contacts

VMware has announced Fusion 4 virtualization software

Today Fusion 4 has been announced by VMware that is the latest virtualization software version and now available to play with OS X lion. It adds full OS X lion support such as Spotlight that makes Windows just like Mac. You will see an improvement in Expose and spaces support in Windows. Moreover, it allows

Apple is ready for iMessage integration to MAC OS X

According to Mac Rumors, report came from one Apple developer that Apple has started development of iMessage support for iChat messaging software present in Mac OS X lion. Moreover developer also reported that two new properties are added in iChat software of OS X lion which are “timeRead” and timeDelivered”. The statements seem true because

MAC OS X Lion features

Finally Apple has released MAC OS X Lion, the world most advanced operating system that you people were waiting for a long time. This latest OS X iteration is available in Mac application store and you can download it with the charge of $29.99. MAC OS X Lion is packed with more than 250 new

How To Speed Up The Mac App Store

Is the Mac App Store running at a snail’s pace on your Mac? Apparently this issue is pretty common for many Mac users, particularly those on OS X Lion. Thankfully, there’s a very easy and straight-forward tweak you can try in order to speed up the Mac Store App and reduce the amount of lagging

Any Mac With A Firewire Port Running OS X Lion Can Be Hacked Within Minutes [Report]

OS X Lion is being hailed by several as the most secure operating system until now, not just from Apple. But behind all the talk, there’s a massive security hole in OS X Lion that has been there at least since Snow Leopard. Any Mac with a Firewire port is defenseless to it, and it’s

New 2010 MacBook Air Dips Below $900, Refurb $749

As of Saturday, the price of new 2010 11.6-inch MacBook Air had fallen under $900 at Best Buy, in the wake of the launch of the 2011 models. And refurbs are now below $750 from Apple. While other retailers list the low-end 11.6-inch model (MC516LL/A) at just below $900, Best Buy is listing it at

MacBook Air Receives Update

Apple has along with the release of OS X Lion also updated the MacBook Air and subsequently removed the polycarbonate MacBook from sale. Packing brand new Intel processors, Thunderbolt connectivity and a backlit keyboard the latest MacBook Air is believed to pack “twice the performance of the previous generation”. “Portable, affordable and powerful, MacBook Air

Rumor: Backlit Keyboards To Return With MacBook Air Refresh

Apple is going to rejuvenate the MacBook Air by restoring the backlighting feature which in turn would do away with the most common of problems users have been complaining about since the release of the second generation of MacBook Air. All the earlier versions were equipped with keyboard Backlighting which was somewhat baffling to the

Mac App Store Sporadically Down For Some Users

A number of reports have come to the scene over the last few days indicating that users have had problem accessing the Mac App Store, with quite a few users also reporting issues with the iTunes Store. While reports informed of the Mac App Store temporarily going down, at times outage seemed more widespread and