This Wireless Keyboard Has Endless Limits

Say goodbye to old keyboards for this new keyboard from Logitech brings smartness to your typing. It’s wireless and the best part is that you don’t need to worry about its batteries, since it is directly charged from solar energy. What’s more fantastic is once completely charged, the keyboard can work up to three months in darkness.

KeyBoard Pants!

Now thats some real geek stuff you want to have if you are geekly crazy. Keyboard pants is there for you which carries keyboard with itself so you need not to carry your keyboard with yourself. Your pants is your keyboard. This pant contains keyboard imprinted over it and there are buttons which can be

Its Time To Change My Keyboard

Now you had been going through many movie in which you see the holographic or super screen technology in which every thing happens on a glass or virtual holograph. All you do is swipe your fingers over it, This is the future! We all can’t wait to have such technology among us in which we

Top 10 iPad 2 Covers

So you have an iPad, or iPad 2 for that matter, what happens when it gets scratched? Well, it is as painful as it is avoidable. There are probably thousands of covers available for the tablet and today we have chosen from among those, 10 of the best. No 10. Belkin Keyboard Folio Price: $99

How to disable keyboard clicks sound when entering text

When you enter text through keyboard on your phone, you hear click sound. This sound may annoy you or causes of disturbance to others who are sitting around you. When you input text on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can disable click sound in order to avoid the disturbance. This procedure is very simple

How to use Type2Phone application as Bluetooth keyboard for iPhone and iPad

When you want to type something on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can use Bluetooth keyboard for typing. Since type2phone application for Mac is invented, Mac can be used as Bluetooth keyboard to all these devices. The actual working of this application is that, you connect Mac to iOS device and type into your

8 Reasons Why Tablets Just Aren’t Ready yet

Tablet fever is sweeping the whole computer market with considerable force with 108 million tablet sales predicted for 2012 and 69 million for the year 2011. That is really saying something, but have tablets evolved enough over such a small period of time that they can really replace the desktop in terms of productivity, power

Rumor: Backlit Keyboards To Return With MacBook Air Refresh

Apple is going to rejuvenate the MacBook Air by restoring the backlighting feature which in turn would do away with the most common of problems users have been complaining about since the release of the second generation of MacBook Air. All the earlier versions were equipped with keyboard Backlighting which was somewhat baffling to the

Why Is AT&T Asking If You Desire An iPhone With A Hardware Keyboard?

AT&T is conducting an online survey, asking customers if they’d like to see an iPhone with a hardware keyboard. Which one smartphone, if at all, would you most probably consider buying if they were all using the iOS (Apple) operating system. Along with the conventional full touchscreen slab, three other options are presented: Front-facing QWERTY

Top 10 Cool Things to Do with MacBook

“Be bloody, bold, and resolute! Laugh to scorn the power of man, for none of woman born shall harm MacBook.” Yes, this is a quote for the MacBook, or the great MacBook as some say, it’s great because “it simply works.” The MacBook is equipped with the pretty intelligent SMS or the Sudden Motion Sensor,