8 Reasons Why Tablets Just Aren’t Ready yet

Tablet fever is sweeping the whole computer market with considerable force with 108 million tablet sales predicted for 2012 and 69 million for the year 2011. That is really saying something, but have tablets evolved enough over such a small period of time that they can really replace the desktop in terms of productivity, power and entertainment? Our list of 8 reasons why tablets aren’t ready yet will attempt to answer this question.

No 8. Productivity

As far as productivity is concerned, tablets go no further than document editing or composing. Even consider iMovie for the iPad for example; that too is really no match for a quad-core PC running After Effects with a terabyte of free space available.

No 7. Games

Yes, there are games on the tablets but these are simply and light earlier-era computer games that really don’t fit anywhere in the professional or more complex PC and Console gaming arenas. Does Angrybirds really match up to Crysis 2? I guess the answer is a negative. Add to that multiplayer and tablets are nowhere close to be seen.

No 6. Movies and Web

You surely can watch a movie in your bed or access your mail from your couch. But hey, I suppose something else invented years ago can do the same and with more efficiency; I think it’s called a laptop.

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