8 Reasons Why Tablets Just Aren’t Ready yet

No 5. Keyboard

Soft keyboard is a real productivity killer. Soft keyboard on smartphones is OK; neither you use your mobile phone for photo editing, video editing or other heavy duty works nor is it meant for such work.
Whereas, a tablet is really an in-between device; neither can do real work with it nor use it as a traditional communication device.

No 4. Portability

You can never put a tablet in your pocket can you? You definitely have to carry an extra bag to hold your tablet, so why not carry a laptop that can do more work for the same amount of hassle.

No 3. Software

There are over 250,000 apps for the Android and over 425,000 apps available for iOS. I guess there is a reason these are called ‘apps’ and not ‘applications’; they are no match for desktop’s power, they come nowhere close to the creativity and freedom offered by more than 30 years of evolution of PC applications. And there is no count of the millions of software available for the desktop.

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